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Jal Eats The World

Welcome to my site.  My work as a homewares designer takes me around the world regularly, allowing me to follow my main passion - food.

In the past 15 years i've travelled through Europe, Northern America, China, Asia, and extensivly through india.


I've eaten at some of the worlds finest restaurents, and some of the worst back water dives i've had teh misfortune of walking itnto.

In a quest to eat new tastes and flavours, i've made many a poor choice, often culminating in disastrous bouts of food posioning - and crippling stomouch cramps, and haluincagenic overdoses of chilli.

join me on my journeys across the globe and locally in Sydney as i - eat the world.

P.S: I tend to waffle a bit, so skip a head at any time...























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